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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blizzard in the Desert

When I think of blizzards here in this little desert town, usually what comes to mind is that yummy soft serve ice cream with Oreo cookie pieces swirled in...you know, the kind from the Dairy Queen?  Imagine our surprise when on Tuesday night my hunnie and I got blizzard warning notices on our cell phones, and then yesterday walking out of St. Francis's church--after a the celebration of life of my hunnie's family friend--imagine our greater surprise to see a slushy snow falling from the sky.  Snow in this desert town isn't unheard of, but usually it stays within the realms of the mountain peaks.  Not yesterday.  The blizzard came, it snowed, it melted...and then it snowed again last night!  We woke up to a magical, slightly snowy desert wonderland in our backyard.  The dogs, after having been held up indoors all day yesterday, were excited to get out this morning and chase each other around the yard. 

I'm giddy with excitement, not only about the snow but also about the Ragnar Del Sol race, which I'll be participating in with 11 former co-workers tomorrow. I'll be running nearly 19 miles, with the final leg being my longest/hardest...7.6 miles uphill.  But, after running a marathon through the hills in Sedona, this shouldn't be too tough. 


Hopefully after this weekend I'll have more time to post some recaps of the last month. Can't believe we're nearing March already!
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