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Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Gardening

While I haven't been so good about updating my blog or maintaining a consistent jogging schedule, my hunnie and I have been staying on schedule with watering our garden.  One of the best features of our little blue house is the big backyard; and although it's full of desert sand, we managed to put together a nice little gardening space.  This past Winter, we even enjoyed salads made with cabbage and other assorted greens from our own garden!  Now, with Spring planting well underway, my hunnie and I anxiously spend the days watering and waiting for early-Summer radishes, peppers, okra, squash, and sunflowers.  Gardening has been a great way for us to learn more about this desert climate, spend time outdoors, and practice farming tactics that were (and still are) utilized by local native American tribes.
{Easter Lilly}
{Mint & Chives}

{Desert Wildflowers}
{Cabbage & Collards}

{Cactus Bloom}
{Sweet Peas}

{Tomatillo sprout}
{Hound Dog}

{Garden Box, a.k.a. Doggie Bed}

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