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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Adventures of Georgia Dog

A few weeks ago, my hunnie and I finally made it out for a real weekend getaway to Durango ,Colorado.  We met up with friends from New Mexico, Colorado, and Northern Arizona.

Georgia came along. 

Holmes was there too. 

One morning, we packed up our lunches and off we went (dogs in tow) for a hike along the creek.
Long story short, don't let your hound dog off his leash, because he almost certainly will bolt, off into the wild, following his nose the whole way.  Another long story short, scared-y dogs like Georgia will almost certainly hide if they're being chased.  Give them an inch, they'll take a mile.  
After two days, I was starting to think I'd never see Georgia, my princess-dog, ever again.  But in the end, Georgia is a smart dog, and she really does love us.  I know this because she sniffed her way back to camp, at night, in the rain, and willingly approached our friends who'd offered to stay an extra night at the campsite.  Oh thank you, Universe (and Bethany and Andrew)!

It took a week, 900 miles, and the help of so many great friends, but Georgia made it back to the ol' Pueblo.  And when she got home, all she wanted to do was take a nap and dream about her adventures in Durango.

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