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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Desert Date Night

After a couple chaotic weeks of exams and work, my hunnie planned a quintessential-Tucson date night: evening picnic at Gates Pass.  With Camelpaks and a cushy ice chest in tow, we hiked into the mountains west of Tucson.  We found a spot behind a rock outcropping where we were blocked by the wind, set up our little travel grill and cracked open a Belgian style ale.  On the menu for this desert date night:
      Water crackers
      Garlic and sun dried tomato hummus
      Herb goat cheese
      Marinated steak and kabob veggies
      Dipping sauces (to suit any man's desires)

What a great way to enjoy some Springtime heat in the Sonoran Desert with my hunnie!  We talked, we grilled, we watched the sun set...and then we hurried down the mountain, because the trail closes at dusk.  Not even my collision with a Cholla cactus could ruin our night out. 

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