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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Parallel Universe

Somewhere in a parallel universe, I have already finished my Master's thesis, with a topic of "The Implications of Basket Weaving on Modern Society."  Alas, in this universe I am no where near completion of my thesis.  One thing I am done with...class.  Yes indeedy, today I celebrate my last college class.  Forever?  Who knows what the Universe has in store for me.  While I am still leaps and bounds away from really being done for the semester, I am taking several moments today to celebrate how far I've come.  And even though I'm sleep deprived and have had no time to go running the last few days, I made an effort to commemorate my last day of class by dressing "extra nice"--a.k.a. throwing my hair in a bun and putting on one of my favority Nordy's tops.  It's the final countdown.
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