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Monday, July 16, 2012

50-day Fitness Challenge {Week 7}

The 50-day fitness challenge is officially over tomorrow.  Week 7 was a change of pace to say the least, but no less successful.  Here's the overview of Week 7:
  • Ran 9 miles
  • Walked 12 miles
  • Outdoor workouts 6 of 7 days
You may be wondering why all of a sudden my workouts are taking place outdoors.  Well, there's a new someone in my life (and my hunnie's) and she's got quite the energy.  Please meet our Queensland Heeler rescue pup, Georgia Mae. 

She's a bit of a scaredy dog (especially with the thunder that rolls in during the monsoons), but a true athlete.  My hunnie and I take her out twice a day, and she can keep a jogging pace for a good 20 minutes or so.  I honestly have a little trouble keeping up with her sometimes...especially when she's chasing lizards down the desert paths.  Did I mention she's pretty?  She gets compliments from people at the park all the time (and lots of barks from the boy dogs).  As with any rescue dog, she's going to need some extra time and attention, but as with most dogs, time and attention is exactly what she wants.  With the 50-day Fitness Challenge near its end, I'm ready for the new challenges that Georgia will bring.  It'll be a learning experience for us both.   

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  1. It would be great if your Georgia Mae and our Dorthy Louise could accompany us on a backpacking trip some day soon.

  2. Wow, running 9 miles is a huge accomplishment! Congrats!! :)