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Thursday, July 5, 2012

50-day Fitness Challenge {Week 5}

My hunnie and I are all moved in to our little house with the blue trim, and we love it! The kitchen is bigger than what I initially thought, and now my hunnie and I can cook together without being in each others' way. I've already made star shaped sugar cookies, red white and blue pancakes, pickled cucumber coleslaw, salsa, and patriotic skewers (recipe below).

Week 5 of the 50-day Fitness Challenge was also a big success.  I enjoyed a few early morning runs, even encountering 3 little coyotes on the hunt for some breakfast.  Luckily I didn't look very tasty to them.  Here is the breakdown:
  • 2 outdoor workouts + 2 days of moving
  • Ran 16.5 miles
  • Group Strength class 
Week 6 is halfway over and I've already racked in 8.5 miles.  Here is the workout plan for the rest of Week 6 of the 50-day Fitness Challenge:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
2 mi Walk* 3 mi Run 3.5 mi Run* SpinCore Rest 5 mi Run* (or hike) Rest

Patriotic Skewers
1 container strawberries
1 container blueberries
1/2 bag marshmellows
12-15 wood skewers

Wash fruit.  Skewer fruit and marshmellows in any combination you choose, leaving 2 inches of space at the flat end of the skewer for holding. Pin It

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