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Friday, June 29, 2012

Moving, Spiders & A Vacation Review

Ever since the week started, with moving and work constantly on my mind, I have not felt very grounded.   Tonight is our last night in the apartment.  It's a bittersweet feeling, really.  I'm saying "goodbye" to the apartment where I learned to be an independent woman...I payed all my own bills, cleaned and cooked for myself everyday, used my tools on a few DIYs and even killed a few spiders!  On the other hand, I'm saying "hello" to a new home that I can build with my hunnie, where we will share the responsibilities, cook together and enjoy meals in our backyard, and maybe even save a few spiders.  (What can I say, my hunnie has a bleeding heart for even the smallest of creatures.)  Spiders and change...they're not all that different when you really think about it.  At first encounter they are really scary and make your stomach tie up in knots.  But the more you encounter change (or spiders) the less afraid you are.  As with spiders, you may never learn to love change, but you will learn to accept that its a part of life.   

I leave you with a review of our recent trip to California.  Can't believe that was already two weeks ago!  Highlights included: wine tasting, beach going, seagull chasing, cookie baking, gold panning, and of course, family time.  Oh, and can't forget country western dancing with my sister and her beau!  Such great memories, and so many more to come in our cute little house with the blue trim. 

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