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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Move It or Lose It

We're back from vacation, and in addition to work and the 50-day Fitness Challenge, my hunnie and I now have the added task of moving!  We recently signed the lease for our new place...a cute little house with light blue trim and a big backyard.  This is going to be a significant space upgrade (from 700 sq. ft. to over 1200 sq. ft).  I'm a planner, and I want to get a head start on the moving process.  I thought I'd share my To-Do checklist...well, more like To-Do guidelines, for a smooth move:
Sort & Donate
We sorted (and admittedly continue to sort) through our clothes (& my shoes) selecting any items we don't like, don't fit, are faded or stretched out, or we simply just don't wear.  These are being donated locally. 
Trendier or unique items will be sold at the consignment store, while books that we won’t read again will be traded into the local used book store.  We will also drop off some cables, batteries, etc. to the electronics recycling center.
Use or Eat
Over the next couple weeks we will arrange our meals around what we have in the freezer and pantry.  The less food we have to move, the easier.  
Early Packing
We've already started packing, focusing on the clothes/books/kitchenware we don't use frequently.
We've made a few drives through our new neighborhood, in search of the nearest grocery, bank, coffee shop, restaurants, and running trails.
Sales & Thrifting
Since our next place is much bigger than the last, there will be a few items we need to purchase.  We are on a mission to find a few key items at thrift stores, estate sales, or locally.  We've already snagged a rustic antique cabinet from a yard sale for $45.

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