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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

50-day Fitness Challenge {Week 3}

After having a less than perfect Week 2 of the 50-day Fitness Challenge, I was extra motivated to workout in Week 3.  To make up for missing my one day's workout in Week 2, I started Week 3 with a 3 mile run on Monday, despite it being designated  a "Rest Day".  I also made it to two group fitness workouts, both of which were a great change from my running routine.  The SpinCore class was part spinning, part cleanse...I'm pretty sure I sweat out all the toxins in my body during that class.  I've stayed on track while on vacation, even enjoying an early morning run through my hometown.

Here's the breakdown of Week 3:
  • 3 outdoor workouts
  • Ran 9.25 miles
  • 1 spinning class, 1 weights/strength class
Week 4 will start off with some fun workouts, including beach football.  Alas, vacation doesn't last forever, so the later part of Week 4 will look a lot like Week 3's workouts.  Although Sunday is a Rest Day, my hunnie and I will be packing for our upcoming move (more on that to come later) so there will be some lifting and stair climbing to keep us active.  Here is the plan for Week 4:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Beach Football* 2 mi Hike* Rest SpinCore HABIT 6 mi Run* Rest

My sister, hunnie, and I are off to the foothills for a different kind of workout today....Gold Panning! Pin It

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