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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Patriotic Patio Oasis

Happy Flag Day everyone! My hunnie and I are getting ready for our trip to California.  When we go, I hope to get a red,white and blue windsock from my favorite little shop along the Bodega coast.  I can remember many a evening watching my parents' Old Glory windsock blowing in the Summer breeze on their patio, and I look forward to continuing the tradition on our patio.  Although it is pretty tiny, our patio is easily one of my favorite places to be.  What started out as 40 square feet of shaded, unused space has turned into a pretty patio garden.  Today I wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to our oasis on the third floor.  While there was a time in our patio's past that flowers and basil grew in pots on our thrifted table, at this moment all that survives are my cherished succulents.    

One of my favorite things about the patio is its homemade touches.  My hunnie made an oil lamp out of an empty liquor bottle (this is our way of recycling) so that we would have some light for our late night grilling.  The vegetable label artwork is hand painted by yours truly in an attempt to bring more color to the patio, and the glass and wire hanging art is from one of the local street fairs.  In case you couldn't tell, I'm a patriotic gal, therefore you'll always find a flag on my porch.  Most importantly, to scare off any third floor patio intruders, we've got our Army men on patrol.  No matter how small our patio is, we've made it an oasis and enjoyed many cups of coffee and glasses of wine here together and with our friends and family.  All it needed was some personal touches to make the patio feel part of our home. Pin It

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  1. The oil lamp was a stroke of genius and I love that you turned a boring apartment patio into a pretty, colorful spot.